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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


30/09/2020 _ Other

About Archi Fix

Dealing with household problems is not an easy job. It is extremely hard to find a technician who is able to fix your domestic problems effectively and affordably. That’s why Archi has launched a new product – Archi Fix. Archi Fix helps the customers resolve their household issues quickly and effectively.



What Is Archi Fix?


Archi Fix is the company’s new product to help the residents solve their household problems. It includes services such as plumbing, electrical wiring, drainage, heating/cooling, household appliances, window and doors, locks, repairs, and universal work.


Who Is Eligible To Receive Archi Fix Services?


Archi Fix is designed solely for those people living in the company’s residential buildings. Therefore, the product meets the Archi Family members' requirements.


Benefits Of Archi Fix


The first and the most important benefit of Archi Fix is that it is suitable and available only for the Archi family members. Archi Fix experienced team has the tools and experience necessary to resolve any household issues at Archi apartments.


Archi Fix is available around the clock to provide emergency repairs. The customers are allowed to place an order by the computer or reach the customer service representative. The customer service agent will provide detailed information about the service fee as well as schedule the technician visit.


Archi Fix qualified team will arrive fully-equipped to provide the restoration service that the customers are seeking. The service comes with a guarantee.


What’s more, Archi Fix offers flexible payment terms, allowing the customers to make the payment within three days. The transaction can be performed by using the TBC PAY payment system to make the process easier and more comfortable for the customers.


Archi Fix Service Fee


Archi Fix services are available at affordable prices. The company makes sure that the customers receive high-quality service performed by qualified technicians.


Future Plans


Archi Fix team plans to create an app that will enable the customers to book the service online. It will make the process easier and faster.