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04/08/2020 _ Interior

Blue In Interior Design

Blue is one of the most commonly used colors in interior design. Blue and its variety of shades will never lose their popularity as they are associated with harmony and peace. Light blue brings a delicate atmosphere to the room, turquoise (blue/green color) personifies the sea element, dark blue is a neutral color and cobalt blue creates a feeling of coldness. In short, blue and its shades create a cozy and soothing atmosphere. That is why blue is the major color of Archi, representing the reliability, responsibility, and calmness of the brand.


If you love the blue color and want to use it in the interior design of your apartment, have a look at our tips.


Blue belongs to cold color palettes and you need some information on how to use the color properly. For example, you should know that blue is a perfect choice for a sun lighted room with the windows facing east. The sunlight neutralizes blue color and creates a combination of cold and warm. As for light blue color, you can use it in a sun lighted as well as darker rooms.



Blue and light blue naturally goes with white, grey, silver, and gold colors. If you have bought the 35m2 apartment at the Archi Varketili project and want to use blue or light blue as the main color, do not forget to combine it with white color. The combination of white and blue colors makes the space look bigger and lighter, which is very important for small apartments. We recommend you to use white color for walls and the ceiling and add blue furniture and windows to the apartments. What is more, choose a neutral color for the flooring to avoid drawing attention to it.


The combination of blue and green has a soothing effect. A marriage of sky and ground colors creates a feeling of softness and harmony to be the perfect combination for a kid’s room or a bedroom. 


The combination of blue and red creates a contrasting atmosphere and you need to be careful while using these colors in interior design. Try to use one of the colors more frequently than the other to avoid a visually noisy atmosphere.


To create a well-thought, diverse and vintage design, use the combination of blue and yellow-grey colors. Even though, these colors have nothing to do with one another, the right usage of their combination can create an impressive design. These spring colors are associated with fun and creativity and can be a perfect design for a kid’s room.



As for the furniture, lemon chairs and pastel sofas have a wonderful effect on blue interior design. If you paint the walls white, blue furniture, rugs or accessories will create a beautiful mix.