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29/05/2020 _ Interior

Wallpaper VS. Paint – Which is Better?

The completed Archi projects are delivered to their owners with Isogypsum plaster walls. So, the only thing you have to worry about is a wall covering. The latter plays a key role in creating a beautiful interior design. It can transform your apartment into a cozy, welcoming, modern and warm space. How can you achieve that effect? You can use wallpaper or paint to reach the goal. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will discuss which is better – wallpaper or paint.


  • Paint


First of all, it should be noted that compared to wallpaper, paint options are incredibly vast. You can choose a paint of nearly any color or shade and make the selection process enjoyable. What is more, if you get bored with the color, you can easily replace it with another one.


One of the biggest advantages of paint is its resistance to moisture. That is why it is usually used for kitchens and bathrooms.


Painting requires an even surface - Archi Isogypsum plaster walls provide a great surface for it. Paint on an uneven surface may cause cracks and minor damage.


As for disadvantages, painted walls can easily be stained. It is really hard to remove stains, so you will need to repaint it frequently.


  • Wallpaper


One of the most common ways to cover the walls is to hang a wallpaper. Modern vinyl wallpapers are resistant to corrosion. In the case of good care, it can last more than 10 years.


If you have children and pets, putting up a wallpaper is a smart decision. Compared to a painted wall, wallpaper stains can easily be removed.


What is more, the wallpaper can visually expand a room. For example, wallpaper with vertical and horizontal stripes make the room look higher or wider respectively.


Regarding the disadvantages, if a wallpaper is damaged, there is no point in repairing it. You have to replace it with a new one, which can be time and money consuming at the same time. Compared to a wide range of colors and shades for paint, the number of wallpaper types is limited. Besides, it is considered as a myth that wallpapers are breathable.


Flizelin is a type of wallpaper that can be painted with your favorite color. Moreover, it can be repainted many times without causing any damage. The wallpaper is very flexible and durable, will not tear upon stretching.


To sum up, it is impossible to choose between a paint and a wallpaper. The decision depends on your taste.