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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


Archi - Imagine a pandemic is over

What happens when the pandemic ends at last and the house becomes cozy again? Archi’s new promo video is all about this feeling and it starts with the following words: “Imagine the pandemic is over.” The Archi team believes vaccination is the key to ending the pandemic. So, the final message of the video goes: “ Get vaccinated to make the house feel cozy again.” The video concept, which drew a positive public reaction,  is a collaborative work of Archi and JWT Metro.

“People have to perform extra functions due to the pandemic. We have been working, studying, and carrying out different activities remotely. Consequently, the home no longer feels cozy. In order to give the house back its main function, we need to get a vaccination and obey Covid regulations. We all have the common goal to end the pandemic, which is possible only through collective work and effort,” – says Elene Baratashvili, Head of Archi Marketing Department.

The concept of the promo video concerns the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike other similar videos, Archi’s promo video carries a positive message. Our goal was to make the audience relate to the characters and their life during the pandemic. Archi has been engaged in the fight against the pandemic since the very first days of its outbreak and carried out various activities as part of this social responsibility.

90% of the Archi staff have already been vaccinated. The company continues to actively combat the virus.     

Archi - Imagine a pandemic is over
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