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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi Lilacs A

0 Archi Lilacs A Tbilisi, R. Gabashvili
Archi Lilacs A

Archi Lilacs A

Tbilisi, R. Gabashvili 
Archi Lilacs block A is the first residential building of the Archi Lilacs complex. The 16-storey residential building is distinguished by a 15 000 sq.m. recreation area with a lilac garden, a fountain, playground, and two sports fields. Archi Lilacs creates a beautiful space where residents can enjoy a healthy, cozy, and beautiful environment. Energy-efficient German Ytong blocks are used in the construction. The block maintains the temperature, saves energy by 40%, and hence, reduces utility costs. 
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The complex includes a 15 000 sq.m. recreation area with a lilac garden, a 3-level underground parking, a fountain, a playground, and 2 sports fields.
  • Square
  • Children`s playground
  • Stadium
  • Parking
  • Generator
  • Water Reservoir

Project Progress

The work of arranging the floor tiles of the 5th floor has been completed. The waterproofing works of the walls of the 2nd floor have been completed. The construction works of the columns of the 5th floor have been completed. Polishing of the walls and floors of the parking lot is being completed. The work of arranging the walls with blocks on the outer perimeter of the 2nd floor is in progress. Arrangement works of the neighborhood and inner block of the 2nd floor are in progress.


The complex is being built in the Mukhiani district on Gabashvili St.