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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.

Archi Nutsubidze

0 Archi Nutsubidze Tbilisi, Nutsubidze Plato IV Micro-district, A.Varazi str.
Archi Nutsubidze

Archi Nutsubidze

Tbilisi, Nutsubidze Plato IV Micro-district, A.Varazi str. 
Archi Nutsubidze is one of the most aesthetically refined projects boasting about its unique style and design. The flats are decorated with beautiful balconies and adjustable window shutters. Archi Nutsubidze is built with energy-efficient blocks and high-quality Heidelberg cement, thus making it an ecologically clean project.
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The 9-storey Archi Nutsubidze residential building unites closed and open parking spaces. Moreover, the project incorporates a 2000 sq. m recreational area including a kids’ zone.
  • Square
  • Children`s playground
  • Stadium
  • Parking
  • Commercial space

Project Progress

Yard improvement works are underway. Stained glass windows of commercial spaces are being arranged.


The Archi Nutsubidze project is located on Avto Varazi street, at the slope of Nutsubidze, 4th micro district, 5-minute away from Lisi Lake. The residential building is surrounded by food venues, supermarkets and banks making it a favorable place for the residents.